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How to apply concentric mate to a drafted hole?

Discussion created by Bence Forgo on Jan 28, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2021 by Dan Pihlaja


We have a lot of injection molded parts at my company, therefore lots of draft too. After drafting, Solidworks no longer recognises holes, circle shape parts etc. as a cylindrical edge or surface. I don't understand this exactly, in my mind if I put draft on a hole, the edge of the hole should be still concentric.. 
So I started to mate every part to base planes because of the drafts, that's fine, but I have a lot of trouble mating to drafted cylindrical faces, edges. 

For example I want to mate a screw to a drafted hole. I click on the edge of screw, and the edge of hole(or inner edge, or inner surface no matter) and tangent is the only mate I can choose.

This is a problem.. I cannot mate this screw to planes, because I don't know exactly where this screw should be inside of the assembly, because I cannot place it with a concentric mate to its proper location. I could suppress the drafts on this plastic part, concentric mate my little screw, put back the drafts, mate the screw again to base planes, but it's too long and kinda not makes any sense to me.  

Do you guys have any tips/tricks how to mate cylindrical parts if one of them has draft on it?