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How do I use the DraftSight PDF task to output named sheets?

Question asked by Steve Murphy on Jan 28, 2021
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I am currently using the DraftSight task to create PDF's of released AutoCAD drawings to be output to a location outside of the vault. Currently, the task is set to plot only the "model" space and it has been working well. We are in the process of changing over to AutoCAD mechanical and we are planning on using the layout tabs to be plotted by DraftSight. There will be a varying number of layout tabs, in our case named "Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc.". I have been testing various different combinations of sheet callouts in the PDM task to get it to plot all of the sheets correctly, but nothing has worked yet. My first thought was to set the task to plot "Sheet %", thinking that the wildcard would allow for the task to plot all sheets that exist in the file. This caused the task to fail, saying that no sheets were found. I have also tried listing "Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3" in which case the task succeeded, but only plotted Sheet 1 of my trial drawing and skipped sheets 2 and 3. Is there a better way to set this task to plot everything on an AutoCAD drawing, except for the model tab?  


Thanks in advance.