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Revision Table Row Height Issue

Question asked by K. Nezumi on Jan 27, 2021
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I'm new to SW but not to CAD. I'm using SW2021.


I am working on a template with a lot of general tables. They are all set up with a row height of 3mm. I also have a manual revision table with the same row height. I would like to replace that manual revision table with a dedicated revision table due to the added functionality. Unfortunately, a revision table does not accept a row height less than 4.33 mm. I realize that this might be due to the wrapping of the zones but I still need a revision table with a row height of 3mm.


Is there a way to tweak this behavior? As it is, it doesn't make much sense. The user should be given the possibility to change the row height to a desired height without having to deal with a minimum size that is set in stone (at least that's how it seems).


Thank you for your help.