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Cannot get MultiSelect2 to select an Edge

Question asked by Frank Van Eygen on Jan 27, 2021
I have a macro that is used only in drawings to select all the loops of a selected edge.
A few steps later each of the loops can then be selected by the user selecting one of the entries in a listbox in a userform, representings each loop (the first item in the listbox selects the first loop and the second item selects the second loop)What I would like is to add the original edge so this can also be selected using the item in the listbox. The method used to select the loops (and hopefully also the original edge) is MultiSelect2

vEdgeArr(i) = swLoop.GetEdges

returs an array (vEdgeArr) that make up that loop. Other loops can be added to that same array (vEdgeArr) and later be used to select one of those loops with

swModel.Extension.MultiSelect2 vEdgeArr(lstEdges.ListIndex), False, Nothing


How can I add an edge to that same array (vEdgeArr) so that with the MultiSelect2 method I can select that edge again?


The rest of my code here as to try to clarify:

    If selID1 = swSelectType_e.swSelEDGES Then
        vCoEdgeArr = swEdge.GetCoEdges
        swModel.ClearSelection2 True
        ReDim vEdgeArr(LBound(vCoEdgeArr))
        ReDim vWeldLength(LBound(vCoEdgeArr))
        For i = LBound(vCoEdgeArr) To UBound(vCoEdgeArr)
            Set swCoEdge = vCoEdgeArr(i) 'vCoEdge
            If swEdge Is swCoEdge.GetEdge Then
               'get the loop of the currenr CoEdge
                Set swLoop = swCoEdge.GetLoop
                ReDim Preserve vWeldLength

                'select each loop and calculate the total length of all edges in the loop
                SelectLoop swApp, swModel, swLoop, swSelData, vWeldLength(i)
                'fill vEdgeArr with each edge of the loop
                ReDim Preserve vEdgeArr(i)
                vEdgeArr(i) = swLoop.GetEdges 'add the loop to the listbox
                UserForm1.lstEdges.AddItem "Loop " & i + 1
                UserForm1.lstEdges.List(UserForm1.lstEdges.ListCount - 1, 1) = vWeldLength(i)
                swModel.ClearSelection2 True
            End If
        If Not IsEmpty(vEdgeArr(0)) Then
            'add the original edge to the array
            ReDim Preserve vEdgeArr(UBound(vEdgeArr) + 1)

            vEdgeArr(UBound(vEdgeArr)) = swEdge '<-- THIS DOES NOT WORK
, also tried with swEdge.GetCurve and swEdge.GetCoEdges and swEdge.GetCurveParams3
            'add the original edge to the listbox
            UserForm1.lstEdges.AddItem "Edge"
            UserForm1.lstEdges.List(UserForm1.lstEdges.ListCount - 1, 1) = dblWeldLength           
        End If

The code when an item is selected in the listbox:

Private Sub lstEdges_Click()
If lstEdges.ListIndex >= 0 Then
   'select the selected loop and display the total length of all the edges in that loop
   swModel.ClearSelection2 True
   If lstEdges.ListIndex <= UBound(vEdgeArr) Then
      swModel.Extension.MultiSelect2 vEdgeArr(lstEdges.ListIndex), False, Nothing
   End If
  End If
End Sub

Can somebody pleas help me with this?