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When using a weldment part, my BOM splits identical cut lenghts for no apparent reason. WHY?

Question asked by Rien Euser on Jan 25, 2021
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I am officially losing my marbles over this. After finally having streamlined the process of importing my BOM lists into our ERP system, solidworks has decided it wants to split items that are identical in basically every way.



I am making a frame out of aluminum extrusions. And I decided to use a weldment to do so. I can safely say I'm never doing that ever again. I used a single 3d sketch to build up all of the parts, and the preview of the relatively complex extrusion made solidworks chug. I layed down my relations in such a way that identical parts have identical relations. Such as having them have equal length, contrained them on the same axis, and trim/extended within the same feature. Yet somehow solidworks decides they are decidedly different from eachother.


Here is a screen capture of my BOM.

LINE 1 and 5 are identical in every single way.

LINE 2 and 8 are identical in every single way.

LINE 7 and 9 are identical in every single way.


I know they are identical by the fact that they use the exact same Features to get to their designated length. They have no differentiating features that would make them different from eachother (As far as I can see anyways, there has to be something stupid that im not noticing)


Does anyone know what could cause this kind of behaviour? The assembly im using this weldment in is larger than 25 MB. So I uploaded only the weldment part.