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Things Machinists Wish Engineers Knew! - SWW21 Presentation (Free Registration!)

Discussion created by Tyler Williams on Jan 25, 2021
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Why is there tension between fabrication shop technicians and engineers? Where does the disconnect lie? Come find out during my #3DXW21 30 minute breakout session! Tuesday, February 9 2021 at 1130am EST!



Session Description - Have you ever had a disgruntled technician on the shop floor get upset with you for the way you've presented your sheet metal and machined part drawings? Have you ever caught yourself saying "Well it worked in SOLIDWORKS!" (FYI, technicians HATE that phrase.) This session is intended to alleviate these problems before they occur by providing better practices for engineers when it comes to drawings, modeling, and sheet metal parts.


Key Takeaway #1 - Better drawing practices for sheet metal and machined parts.


Key Takeaway #2 - The importance of using K-Factors in sheet metal parts.


Key Takeaway #3 - Design practices catered for the technicians.


You're not going to want to miss this one! It's one of the first presentations of the conference!


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