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My animation has lost its colour

Question asked by Thomas Kurtmann on Jan 25, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2021 by Thomas Kurtmann

Hey there,

In my animtaions all parts are coloured with light grey. All moving parts are highlighted with dark grey before moving. The animations are made in 2019 (Composer version 2018 or 2019), saved as avi, edited with After Effects and saved as mp4 files. All colours are shown properly in these files. Today I opened some of the animations again (Composer version 2020) and saw that the colours are not changing. When I select a part, the color changes in the properties view, but not in the viewport (see screenshot attached).


When I change the colour in Composer version 2018 this note appears:


Does anybody has an idea what has happened with my animations?