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Helical swept cut with solid issues

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on Jan 24, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2021 by Paul Salvador



 I am attempting to model a helical cam path along a cylinder. That in of itself wasn't terribly difficult. However, I want the end of this cam path to transition to linear. The tricky part is the transition. I've tried extracting the helix in a 3D sketch and add a linear portion with a spline to transition between the two. However, I cannot get the swept cut with solid to work with that type of path. The attached file is sort of what I want but the Fillet1 is absolutely incorrect.


I've read about and tried various methods using surface sweeps and surface lofts but the geometry that they create is not correct. It looks good, but the shape of the helical surface is not right. I was able to generate a transition using a spline with the surface loft method but it's not useful if the helical geometry is garbage.


I've also seen (but not tried) the 2D sketch wrap method but I don't think this generates correct geometry either. At the very least it's missing the ellipsoid radius between the flank of the helix and the root. A sweep with solid is the only way that I've seen that properly creates this radius.


Anyone successfully add a proper transition to linear using a swept cut with solid?