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Table Template with Different Property (Title) than Title Block

Question asked by Zhen Wei Tee on Jan 25, 2021
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I am trying to create a General Table template that could be linked to the separate model (base model) that was inserted into the 2nd sheet. 



For example:

→ The first sheet is an assembly  (Description = SAMPLE ASSEMBLY) and the assembly property is use for the title block (which need to be the same for all sheet) 

→ The 2nd sheet is a base part (Description = TEST BASE PART)  that form the assembly and I would like to have a general table that indicate the base part description 

→ The general table should be inserted using a template and populate the base part description (TEST BASE PART) automatically when inserted


The document setting is set such that the drawing use Custom Property values from sheet 1 on all sheet in order to make sure the title block are the same for all the sheet (Hence, $PRPSHEET will not work) 



The only syntax that I found to work without affecting the title block is: 

$PRPSMODEL:"Description" $COMP:"TestBasePart@Drawing View6"


Is there anyway to convert the text in red to a generic syntax that capture the "first" drawing view in the sheet and the model use to create the view? Or is there any other way?



The only workaround that i could think of now is to create a Macro that ask user to: select a view  first and run the macro to generate the table... which i would like to avoid...




Asking user to manually fill the table is not feasible as i would like to keep the parametric link.