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OnCmd hook not working when file added via template

Question asked by Nicoli Ames on Jan 22, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2021 by Tim Webb

I have a PDM add-in that performs some activities when a document is released. To implement this, I add a hook using:




Then, in the OnCmd function, I check for the correct command type and destination state, then execute the desired code.


Now I want the same add-in to perform some activities when a file is added to the vault using a template (i.e. using a template file with a template card). I tried to add this hook:



But OnCmd was not called. So I tried all these other hooks as well:




And the only hook that calls OnCmd is EdmCmd_PostUnlock. I don't want my code running on every file check-in, so this is not ideal. I really want to be notified when the file is added via the template... How can I do this? Why does it seem like the hooks aren't working for template adds?