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How do you scale an already imported airfoil?

Question asked by Hannah Snyderburn on Jan 22, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2021 by Roland Schwarz

I'm super new to Solidworks and haven't been able to find any resources for this question.


I already imported an airfoil and converted the entity. 


The airfoil's chord length is only 1 inch, and I'm trying to increase it to 4.25 inches. I tried Smart Dimension, but it will not change the scale. (It says it will become overdefined and unable to solve.)


I can't selected "Scale Entities" because the option is light grey and unselectable. No side comment appears as to why, to explain why I can't select Scale Entities. I'm on a plane already, if that helps.


Please, someone, help. And thank you. #airfoil