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Need something similar to remote mass in a drop simulation

Question asked by Dane Schoelen on Jan 22, 2021



I am trying to run a drop simulation of an assembly. One component of the assembly represents most of the mass but it is very rigid and I only care to simulate the other parts. However, I need the mass and inertia of the larger part to be represented for the simulation to be accurate. With the larger part meshed, the simulation takes too much time to execute.

I've found that 'Exclude from Analysis' option excludes that part's mass. Making the part smaller and overriding the mass and inertia doesn't work because those overrides are ignored in the simulation. I see that other types of simulation allow you to define a remote mass, but that doesn't seem to be an option for drop simulation. 


Does anyone have any ideas of how I might represent the larger mass without meshing that part and making the sim time very long?