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Drag&drop routing component to existing 3D sketch

Question asked by Sondre Knapstad on Jan 22, 2021



I am new to SW routing and have been tasked to find out if my company should start using this add-in for all projects in the future. Weldment is our current method to make piping. I have built up a small routing library and are going to testing the add-in on a new project.


I have added the mate reference to my flanges so that I can start a new pipe by dragging a flange from the library on to a counter flange in the assembly. But if I try to drag and drop a flange from the routing library in to an empty assembly or an assembly without a counter flange, then the flange will be placed more or less randomly in the space. And I don't understand how I can orientate the flange afterwards. So my question is:



   - If I start by making the pipe route as a 3D sketch in the assembly, is it possible to make the flange snap in place at       the beginning and the end of the 3D sketch route? 


   - Are there other methods to orientate the first flange in an empty assembly? 


Attached is a picture from a test assembly where I have made a simple 3D skatch. I want to be able to make the flange snap in place at the start point and the end point of the skatch. 



Help and suggestions would be most appreciated