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PDM CopyTree or SW SaveAs, record "part number" from old part to "copied from" variable in new part

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Jan 22, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2021 by Ben Nemec

We would benefit much from having history of a file's ancestors in the case where they were copied from another.  I'm struggling to get this done.  Our "Part Number" data card variable is set up to default to "Filename without extension" on the data card control.


  If the default value is left on "Text value" then it retains the value from the file that was copied, I could copy that value to the "Copied From" variable before updating it to the filename without extension.  We have an "initiated" state for all new files then automatic transition to WIP state so I could do the copy value there.  But I cannot because the Default Value setting changes it before the file gets this far.


  I was going to try leaving Default Value in data card settings to "Text value" then set part number to filename without extension in that auto transition from Init to WIP, but wouldn't ya know, the "Filename without extension" is not an option there! 



PDM is a constant chain of, "Darn, can't do that here. Oh, maybe I can do it over there.  Nope, could but that thing that was available in menu X isn't available in menu Y.2-a. Maybe I'll check over in this other place?  Or is it in User Settings?  Maybe Folder Settings, wait there is no Folder Node, I meant Workflow Node...."  maybe I'm the only numbskull that finds this nonintuitive?


 I need to cover both PDM CopyTree and SW SaveAs cases, but I did consider conceding on the SW Save As front and looked at user settings for Copy Tree but I get this notice when trying to set for the Design group.

  Last time I got this notice and clicked ok ( I was trying to customize the menu settings for our design group) everyone lost the entire right click menu; since then if I try to change something and I get this notification I cancel.  Yes, we have some people that are in multiple groups, who doesn't? 

Anyway, I did set this for my own user and it does as expected. but still only covers the CopyTree method, nothing on the SW side.  And I'm not sure, but looks like I need to set it for each user that would need it one by one. 


If I could wait until the workflow to set the Part Number to file without extension instead of using Default Value on data card that would be the cleanest method to get all the cases as I could copy the old part number to the copied from variable before updating it to the new filename, without extension.  I did try using the <%sfilenamewe%> from CopyTree settings dialog in the Transition Action dialog but it doesn't resolve.  I was hoping there maybe some secret list of other special stings that are not shown in the dropdown.

Also tried without the <> and a couple other variations, apparently there was no concept of using globally defined keywords for data!



Any one have any good method for this?  Maybe I can't see the forest from the trees and I'm missing some bigger simpler method.