Terrence McFall

Delete Toolbox Link in PDMWorks Vault

Discussion created by Terrence McFall on Jun 5, 2009
Okay, this was painful and I'm a noob admin so take it for what it's worth... I had a situation where a user created a design model in his toolbox folder, then created a drawing of that model (not in the toolbox folder) and checked the whole thing into the vault.

The end result was the vault listed the drawing model as a toolbox reference.

We relocated the model out of the toolbox folder and tried checking it in again, as an admin, but received a "VAULT ERROR: 102" that said there were no permissions to change the document properties.

Tried deleting the toolbox reference in the vault but there wasn't an option to take ownership.

Tried using sldsetdocprop.exe to change the property state, which may have worked, but I still couldn't check the model in... same 102 error.

Finally got someone at tech supt that helped me - here's what I had to do:

1. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, lock the vault for an administrator only. This will prevent other users from checking in while you change the Allow Check in of standard documents setting.

- SIDE NOTE: The term, "standard documents" refers to toolbox files.

2. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, select "Allow check in of documents" - this will enable deleting standard items.

- This is found on the Standard Libraries tab in the "Standard Library revision management options" section.

3. From a PDMWorks Workgroup client, take ownership and delete the file from the PDMWorks vault.

4. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, Disable check in of standard documents and reselect Display references in a separate project if desired.

5. Unlock the vault.

Hope this helps someone... took me all day to chase this one down.