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DraftSight Enterprise - max idle time of licence

Question asked by Daniel Raz on Jan 22, 2021



Please, I'm newbie in DraftSight Enterprise community and I have question to others who have more knowledge than me.


We have bought DraftSight Enterprise with concurrent licensing (SolidNetWork license manager) and we have some count of licenses.

I want to set up license server to max idle time for licence to user who is inactive with drawing or viewing of draw to he/she doesn't block licence all day.


Is it possible to do that on licence server side?


I have found some definition in manual but it doesn't work. Definition is in .OPT file which is the second file in folder where is .LIC file (the name has to be the same as licence file). There is parameter TIMEOUTALL there but all launched DraftSights still work after max idle time which is defined behind this parameter.


Thanks for answers