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Going crazy trying to model this..

Question asked by Andrey Grigoryev on Jan 21, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2021 by Andrey Grigoryev

Hi - I am trying to make a bowl with this pattern/texture of divots on it:


divot pattern

Basically imagine that on a concave surface with each black/white triangle pair pushed out of the surface. Sort of like this:

divot example


I've been beating my head against the wall for two days now trying everything I can think of.. 


I made the sketch of the pattern on a flat surface using helix/spiral & convert entities. And I made the bowl using a simple revolve. But I can figure out how to get that sketch onto the surface of the bowl and then extruding it out into those shapes?


I tried to extrude to the bowl surface then convert entities in a 3D sketch, which got the sketch onto the surface.. sort of anyway.. but then no idea how to extrude it out, none of the options work. Couldn't figure it out with surfaces either.


Would really appreciate any guidance on how to proceed, this must be doable.


Attaching the (embarrassingly newb) files of what I have so far.


Thank you


EDIT: just found the project curve feature which got the 2d sketch properly projected onto the surface, but then have no idea what to do next since I can't seem to extrude it in any way...