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Addin Takspane Freezing SolidDna

Question asked by Craig Brunton on Jan 21, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2021 by Craig Brunton

Hi All,


I am using a NuGet package called SolidDna to create a taskpane addin and I have been able to code it with not issues until the last two weeks.


When I debug it and the addin loads but the taskpane freezes when I click on the addin tab and only shows the previous tab content.  I am not sure what has happened as it was working fine.


It stopped working on SolidWorks 2020 so I upgraded to 2021 to see if that solved the issue but no luck.


It is probably something I have changed but cannot put my finger on it as I have created a new blank SolidDna addin and it does the same.


I have attached a screenshot of the issue.


Has anyone comes across this before?



Thanks in advance