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Server & Client Same Domain

Question asked by Jaymin Chavda on Jan 21, 2021

I am facing issue with one PDM Client installation, where PDM Standard server, SNL Server are same & not in the Domain For Example "ABC" Server name & is not in Domain "XYZ" so is it compulsory that server ABC is on XYZ domain. 

Got error while Installing PDM Client in XYZ Domain when I open Admin Tool & adding server, it ask for domain selection at that time I am selecting the Domain name of the Server computer not the XYZ Domain, it will accept the same & allow me to add server, when i try to create local view it will ask for login again at that time it will give me an error of could not find database, 

after that i have created the local view using View Setup & its created properly, but when i am login with the Admin id it gives me an error of could not find server ABC/SWPDM.


Jaymin J C