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Dimension placement with text in the way

Question asked by John Reese on Jan 20, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2021 by John Reese


How can I get around the dimension text being in the way of picking my second point?    This has driven me nuts for years...(I don't use the software as much as my users)


This is because many times I pick a line for my first spot.   On large drawings I would have to zoom in very close to make sure there is not a radius or chamfer that I am picking  (I realize I can hit "G" for a zoom window).   So if I pick a point for the first line this isn't an issue.


 The image you can see I am fighting with the middle 6 to pick then next line or point - trying to click on the line and not have the cursor hit any of the font.


Is there a toggle for dimension preview during placement?