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Question asked by Dave Krum on Jan 20, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2021 by Matt Juric

Hello all,

I've spent hours trying to figure this one out.  I have a weldment and made a drawing for it with all the balloons and cut list table.  I later added a derived part using "insert part" to the weldment then "move/copy bodies" to position it in place using the mates settings (its called RS-1).  It DOES show in the cut list within the model.  It DOES NOT show in the cut list table in the drawing (the balloon to the item is just a "*" instead of item #).  I mirrored the derived part so the quantity of 2 is correct, yet RS-1 derived part will not show in the cut list at all.

On a side note, the correct quantity as well as item did show originally but I had to delete the derived part out then add it back in at a different location and now it won't show again.  I have the cut list set to "create cut lists automatically" and "update automatically".  So frustrating, I don't want to start a whole new drawing.  I tried just that view on a new drawing along with a new cut list and still nothing?

Any help is appreciated.  I don't know of a way to update the cut list table, don't see an option for it.  I've tried rebooting, forced rebuild, standard rebuild on both the part as well as the drawing.  Opened / closed SW multiple times.  Is there a glitch for SW2015 with showing derived parts into another part (weldment) where they won't show in the cut list table 100% of time or updating properly?  Thanks.