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Layering in SolidWorks for Laser Cutting

Discussion created by Martin Kusz on Jan 19, 2021
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Hi guys!


I have a very specific technical question, I'm going to try my best to explain, but I might compare what I am looking for with AutoCAD/Inventor a bit to try and better portray my point. 


To begin with, I am looking to create .DXF files for laser cutting. They are simple panels, but each panel is engraved/marked with a line number. I have currently, a design table that creates as many parts as I want based on size and the line number, and I have a macro that exports each configuration as a .DXF separately. However, when these files are transferred into the software we use (Libellula) to create G-Code, the program reads every line as a "CUT" line. 


This is the part where I compare to Inventor a little bit. In Inventor, or AutoCAD in general, you can set different lines to different layers. In our programing software, it recognizes this and separates the cutting and marking lines. I am wondering if there is a possible way to achieve this in SolidWorks. Here is an image for reference: 

The text you see in the top left of the panel (Default) is currently read as a cutting line, so letters like D will just be a huge hole. 


If it is possible to send the cut extrude for the text into another layer such that my programing software can differentiate between the two, then this will be a huge step forward. 




If it is also possible to make this text single line text, and still show up in the .DXF file, I will also accept this as a solution. I know currently the OLF SimpleSansOC text will show up as a single line, but this causes problems for the cut extrude.


Thank you in advance for any advice!