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How to add highlight to toolbar in tutorial?

Question asked by Lai Yang on Jan 19, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2021 by Lai Yang

In the tutorial, we are guided to click a button "sketch", then the sketch  toolbar will appear; if the button "options" clicked, then a balloon will appear with button twinkled. 

so, how to do:

1, when the tutorial is open, the windows of SOLIDWORKS will adjust its layout so that the tutorial windows can display side-by-side.

2, toolbar appear with button clicked in tutorial.

3, balloon appear with button clicked in tutorial.

Any replay will be appreciated!


ps: I found the code in the source code:

<span class="uicontrol">Sketch</span>  <a href="VBScript:FlashIt(98420)" class="flashit">