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Balloons Links to two different assembly Configuration

Discussion created by Igor Kosta on Jan 19, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2021 by Igor Kosta

Hello SW community,


Our company recently moved to SW2020 and since the change i'm having problems linking Balloon of different assembly configuration to the same table.


As you see in the pictures the table is made from the left assembly (default configuration) and the links to balloon works fine.


If i choose a different configuration (Test 2) with the same items, i can't link that display to the same table anymore (its empty and doesn't give me the option to choose the table i want) 

I want to point out that before the move to SW2020 i could link several configuration to the same table without any problem.


Anyone encountered this problem and have a fix for it?

I've checked the settings in SW and couldn't find anything that might "fix" it.