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Testing in Windows 7 RC 7100

Question asked by 1-5FS77S on Jun 5, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2009 by Michael Cudnik
We started to test in Windows 7 RC 64Bit. SW 2008 SP5 64-bit on a Intel Dual Core 1.87GHz, 4 megs ram, Quadro 1500 using Win7 drives from Nvida. Our systems are not top of the line but they get the job done reliably.

Our current production workstation is the same PC with 3 megs of ram, WinXP 32 bit, SW 2008 32Bit, SP5.

-Starting Solidworks is much much faster. From well over a min to under 20 seconds in Win7. A big plus.
-Opening a 900 part assembly, no change in loading times. (39 sec. vs 35 sec in Win7.)
-Video seems to be smoother in Win7. We did see some video glitches however.
-rendering the 900 part assembly is a little faster in Win7. 10% I'd say. I expected this to be much faster on the 64Bit system.
-creating drawing view, very fast!!! Easily 80%-90% faster. Especially when the view need to be re-drawn (the black hour-glass)
-did not expericance any crashes. Although, we didn't work for that long so I can't comment on stability.

In short, it was pretty good. Next up is to test 2009.