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Pack and go SW 2020

Question asked by Jacopo Cianetti on Jan 18, 2021

Good morning

I'm using SW 2020 with last serive pack, and i have a problem with the pack and go.

If i open an assembly, and than i run the pack and go, SW said "drwaing not open",  than when i press lunch, he will copy just the parts and the assemblies, with out anydrawings.

I have all the files with the same name in part and drwaing, and the same for the assembly, all in the same folder.


If i open an assembley, and open every single drawing one by one, and than run the pack and go, all is packed.

So in this way i waste a lot of time, do you know i can fix this problem? 


This is what i see when i'm lunching a pack and go