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SPR 1167917 - says Pack and Go: of associated drawings organized in sub folders includes in the packed files when 'Include Drawings' is checked in..! in 2021 SOLIDWORKS. But it does not.!

Question asked by Harshavardhan Prasad on Jan 16, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2021 by Harshavardhan Prasad

Hello People,

In SOLIDWORKS 2020 we faced an issue during the pack and go method that the associated drawings of an assembly structured to be organized in subfolders does not include the drawing file when include drawings are checked in.

Tough it happens when all the drawing files are clubbed to the main folder and even adding each document reference part in the system options.


An SR was raised to have replied that it was an SPR and is been fixed in the 2021 version.


When tried in the 2021 SP01 version the behavior is the. It does not include the drawings from the subfolder.


The customer is unhappy and says "We had received the new project, we normally use “Pack & Go” option to start new tool design from our template, since we have problem with “Pack & Go” option, we could not able to start our new design, so kindly help us to resolve this issue ASAP."


Anybody has the same issue in 2021 and any alternative workflow.