Sean Stroud

Weldment Profile Error

Discussion created by Sean Stroud on Jan 15, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2021 by Glenn Schroeder

I wanted to create weldment profiles for dimensional lumber so I created a part with a 2x4 profile, I then tested it on a table leg I already designed. It worked so I decided to make a new part and add all the profiles in the configurations tab so I would only have one part file for all configurations of dimensional lumber, i.e. 2x4, 4x4, 2x6.... I deleted the original part that was only the 2x4 profile and now anytime I try to open up the weldments tab I get this error message about the original file missing. I have attached pictures of the error message, what my weldments options menu looks like (it's blank) and the file that the original part was located in where I saved a bunch of different profiles. 


A couple solutions I have thought of but haven't been home to try:

1. Create a weldment profile and name it the same as the original and hope the Solidworks gods are appeased.

2. Change the file location of the weldments folder in options.

3. Fresh install of Solidworks.