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hello, please, i seek advice for CAM configuration

Question asked by Deadly Kitten on Jan 15, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2021 by Michael Miller

hello please, i wish to start digging into CAMs, and i recently noticed that solidworks suports CAM, and, in some youtube vidoes, i saw tabs for different cam brands.


i wish to be able to replicate the entire machininig cabinet ( for collision check, including fixture and tools offset ), for lathes with live tools & programmble tailstock, and horizontal mills.


next in line, would be multitasking lathes up to y turret + 2nd spindle, gangs, and 5 axis mills.


i am ok with g-code, cad enviroment and conversationals, but i lack cam experience, and i have never before configure a postprocessor.


i have seen different people complaining about several radom cam functionalities, and/or spending months in order to achieve a desired configuration, or not being satisfied by a limited postproceesor.


please, i gently ask for guidance, like a solid tutorial sugestion, or advice, to shorten the implementation time.


i would preffer to go over a more complex, capable enviroment, rather than a simple one, but at this point, i have no idea from where to start. kindly