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Acceleration Load on PAN extending out

Question asked by Parthiban Ramalingam on Jan 14, 2021


I am performing a simulation where I have a PAN which slides out of a column at a certain acceleration.

The objective is to study the structural stability of the column when the PAN extends out.

In Dynamic study, I am not able to define the acceleration directly to the PAN, i am able to define Uniform or selective Base Excitation loads. But these type of loading will transfer through the fixture throughout the entire model.

But in my case, I want only the top PAN to slide out with certain acceleration.


I tried to define the PAN extension as Reference Geo and define acceleration to this fixture, but: 

In Linear Dynamics, I am unable to use Reference Geo as there is no "No Penetration" contact set.

In Non Linear Dynamics I can define Reference Geo but unable to define "Selected Base excitation" 




Can someone help on this please. 
I have attached a part file as sample model of the actual assembly.


Thank You very much for your suggestions.


- Parthi