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SolidWorks World SWAG - Backpacks, Shirts

Question asked by Chris Scarlett on Jan 14, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2021 by Chris Scarlett

SolidWorks World SWAG - 12 years worth - FREE


The old times may be gone but not forgotten - lots of good memories spanning 12 years of SolidWorks World.


I'm cleaning up the office and have way too much SWW SWAG.  And I would hate to send these items to a thrift store or landfill if anyone sees value here.  These items are - FREE - just pay the shipping.


USPS Priority Mail Envelope for T-Shirts - $7.75, Large Box for backpacks - $18.30, or shipping service of your choosing - just send me your shipping label.


Let me know if there is interest.




SolidWorks World SWAG - Backpacks, Shirts