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Solidworks CAM: Feed speed editor application is not available

Question asked by Arin Altuntas on Jan 13, 2021



I am actually using another CAM Software but I wanted to learn Solidworks CAM. I read some tutorials and jump into it.

When I tried to open feed/speed editor it gave me a warning.

"Feed speed editor application is not available and can be downloaded from My Solidworks. You would need this...bla bla"

I checked my solidworks but didn't see anything related to feed/speed editor or MES library.

I m assuming this application is not come along with Standart Solidworks license.

Can someone confirm it?


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EDIT: added a screenshot


I have material library.exe in "C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS CAM\MATLIBx64" which works.

But they don't communicate with TechDB.

I've tried to repair solidworks cam addin from setup manager. didn't work