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Export solidworks models to .html files using edrawingsApi stopped working

Discussion created by Jorge Soares on Jan 13, 2021

Hi all,
Looking for help... hope you guys can help me:
I developed a program that, when i was using Solidworks 2020 (sp0 to sp4) and edrawings Api i could export the models to ".html" througt the save method of EModelView.

Since i've installed Solidworks 2020 Sp5 (also tried in Solidworks 2021 SP1) the Save method from the EModelView stopped accepting the .html format (it calls the function, no error returned... but nothing happens).
If i try to use the same function to export to .tif, png, .htm... it works, but .html stopped working.
So my question is: is it possible to export solidworks models to .html specifically using edrawings api? Did they stopped accepting this parameter? Am i missing something? If from now on it is not possible to this, what do you consider the best alternative to batch convert the models to html?


Best Regards,

Jorge Soares