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hello, please help with these beginer questions ( drawings )

Question asked by Deadly Kitten on Jan 12, 2021

hello forum members  please, i am new to drawings, and i have a few questions :


1) if there are 3 equal circles, is it possible to make the 'x3' appear automatically ? or i have to dimension one of them, then edit it, in order to add the 'x3' ?


2) is it possible to change a view scale quickly ? like select view + mouse scroll/drag corners ?


3) is it possible, once i have used an user defined scale, like 1:0.5, to make it stay like that, instead of auto-changing to a predefined custom scale (2:1 in this case) ? if i wish to change it smoothly, to 1:0.55eq, i have to delete the '2:1' and type '1:0.55', instead of simply adding a '5' to '1:0.5'


4) is it possible to create a text/anotation with tolerance ?


5) is it possible to create a dimension with a single tolerance, without showing '0' for the missing one ?


6) in order to display mass and material, inside the *.SLDDRW, is required to create those properties inside the *.SLDPRT file; do i have to re-create those propertries for each new *.SLDPRT file, or is there a way to make them default ?


7) sometimes, inside a breaked view, some dimensions, like ordinate, etc, go crazy  i don't know why, but it happens, and if i have details from those views, those will go crazy as well ...


8) if i have a view with 2 details, is it possible to make them all stick togheter ? like, if i move the detail, to move also the other detail, and the parent view ? similary, if i move the parent view, also, the details, to move automaticallly ? something like creating a 'group' of views ...


9) how to exclude from automatic update ? let's supose, that only for one view, i wish to supress some features, while the others to reflect the full build; so far, i couldn't figure it out ...


10) 3 more questions inside attached photos


thank you