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Extract data from excel spreadsheet and save it outside solidworks

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jan 12, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2021 by Artem Taturevych

First I have to ask if this is possible, then how to do it.

In my BOM some part numbers are of the form B_nnnn

These refer to my list of bin numbers which is an excel spreadsheet with 1500+ lines and constantly growing.

I already have a macro which finds those B_nnnn numbers in my BOM and creates a text file which is just a list of them, B_0001 B_0002 etc.


What I want to achieve is instead of just a list of the B numbers from my BOM, is to extract the line of data that B number has from an excel spreadsheet, and make a csv file with the B number data (suppliers part number, description and purchase data) in it listing only the B numbers in the bom, not all the other B numbers that I don't want my external supplier to see. Sending out the big spreadsheet is too much IP to send out the door.


I was thinking this might be easier if the first thing my macro did was open the bin number.xlsx spreadsheet and then save it as a CSV. Then maybe the macro can just delete every line that doesnt start with my identified short list of B numbers.
So far I have a macro that just opened the spreadsheet, cant find a way to then make it save it as CSV...

I'm miles away yet of course. Lots to learn.
It would be nice to have a reassurance it is actually possible before I waste a lot of time.

Maybe I cant control Excel from inside solidworks VBA like this.

Maybe a cant manipulate a csv from inside SW macro like this.