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How to change paper size without changing sheet format

Question asked by K. Nezumi on Jan 14, 2021
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I'm new to SW. I'm using SW2021.


I am looking for a way to change the paper size without changing the sheet format. I have a title block I need to keep but it is on the wrong size of paper, so I need to change the paper size. Selecting different paper sizes from the standard sheet size drop-down should do the trick. At least that's what one might think. I mean, sheet size means... width and height. I don't see why the sheet width and height should be linked with the title block. I mean.... why? The title block should be glued to the border of the drawing and thus change location with the border's adaptation to a new paper size. Yes, that would mean that a title block from an A4 would look smaller on an A3 and so on, but that's the point.


So nope. I cannot use the standard sheet size because that will change my title block as well. Not what I what I want.


Then there is the custom sheet size option. Great, that's what I want. Just... why the heck doesn't it have size presets??? I mean... why do I have to type in the dimensions of my paper instead of selecting it from a list as A4 or A3 or whatever I need??? Is it difficult to create a drop-down with presets that ONLY affect the paper size without changing anything else on my drawing? I mean, yes, I have bookmarked a webpage that displays the standard paper sizes in mm, I can, if I want to, use the calculator and calculate the size of an A3 based on the side of an A4, but really... ???


It might be that I am just daft and I don't see the option to do it. If so, would you please let me know where that is?


Thank you.


Oh. Right. Another thing. After applying a standard sheet size, that changes my title block, I cannot undo the changes... I have to close down the file without saving it in order to go back to what I have and that only works if I have saved things in advance... Again... woooow....


Thank you for your help.