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Sequence of Revision Symbol's usage

Question asked by Jay Tuttle on Jun 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by Mick Mann
Is it just me or is this just the way it is? After I do some drawing changes and perform the next check-in, the "notes" will show up in the revision table's "Description" cell AFTER it is checked in. Only then, will it let me to go back and place the revision symbols (with the latest rev. scheme). This cause me to save and check-in AGAIN which I have to force a REV (read from file) and then I have to retype my previous notes! What the heck? Am I missing something?!?

Also, I'm having trouble getting any type of information driven into the "Approved" cell of the revision table. When I highlight the header column, I can see the 6 Column Properties. I've added "Approved" in the drawing's properties with text/evaluation and I get nothing in the table. I even tried the properties tab in PDM but still nothing. Grrr!

Any help or advice will be appreciated!