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CAM Multi setup origin frusterations

Question asked by Jackson Wiebe on Jan 13, 2021

I am getting frustrating learning how to built my CAM for parts with multiple setups.

So the first setup I can use any coordinate system. That's great and easy.


For the second setup I want to use a different setup corner. Why can't I use a new coordinate system?! Options I see are as follows:

  • Arbitrary user coordinates: This is pretty good but if you change the model stuff can move. Plus I need to calculate the coordinates.
  • Entity: This would be ideal but this only seems to work with vertex and arcs on the solid model. Trying to select a point on a new sketch fails.
  • Sketch: This option is always greyed out.
  • Fixture coordinate system. It would be great to change the coordinate system here.
  • Part model: Works fine if the option coincides where i want it.
  • Stock vertex. Great! Why can't i use this for a Part Vertex??


How is everyone doing Origins for subsequent setups?