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Simulation Stresses Too High

Discussion created by Fahad Kafrawi on Jan 11, 2021
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I am not an expert at simulations but understand somewhat of how to do things.


I'm having issues with my simulations as I have never done an assembly like this before and I keep getting errors and would appreciate help from people to give proper results.

If I use bonded contact I get somewhat decent results, but I want no penetration.


Scenario: I am rotating (torque) a shaft in the middle hole clockwise, which will cause the jaws on the side brackets to create most of the force on the mount/jaw contact. I want to see if the mount will bend due to this force.


I have tried running lots of different simulations with "soft spring models" and different contact scenarios (currently running surface to surface) and like the results from bonded contact but I don't think "bonded contact" is appropriate for this application. 


I have run two different cases (one with a bench top and one without) with both giving different results and being too high. I'd expect stresses to be around 500MPa or less, not 5000+ MPa. The benched case has given good results of roughly 250MPa except for the singularity but I wanted to do a simulation without the bench. 


*When I iso-clip, I can see there is no stress on the force which there should be, indicating this simulation is wrong?


Also, is there a way to remove the singularity max value from my results and find the next real max (otherwise I'll continue to ISO clip).


I would appreciate as much help as possible as I have been stuck for a while.