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PDM Standard two stage revisions

Question asked by David Seebauer on Jan 12, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2021 by Wayne Marshall

Hi.  I apologize if this has been answered already.  I searched and found some stuff and this is what I came up with based on that but I looking for input.    I am new to PDM Standard but have used PDM Workgroup in the past.   We had two stages for revisions in PDMW.  Two digit numeric for development.  And single digit Alphabetic for manufacture release.  I am looking to replicate that in a way.   Our engineers generally can self promote revisions, but would like the release work flow for approvals as well so that approvals can be tracked on projects requiring it.   I set up the work flow below and wondering if it look reasonable.  I am only working on a test vault and trying throngs out before committing to bringing our VAR in to do a real install (which cost money and I want to know what I am doing to guide them and not have to pay more than once).   In the image below, the upper (development) cycle (before "Submit for Release") should be using a numeric revision container.  In the "Passed Release Approval" , the revision container switches to alphabetic (I have both defined) and stays there.   I have an escape in the release to mfg to allow for "the boss" to send it back to development if needed.  Any thoughts on the approach?   


Two stage revisions