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PDM Pro: Opening attached file from data card button

Question asked by Thu Tong on Jan 10, 2021

Hi All,


I am trying to create a button to open PDF attachments (data sheets, purchase forms etc.) from a PDM data card button.



In my data card, user can choose a PDF to attach with "Browse" button (see below).

A variable captures that file path.

The "Open" button next to it is supposed to open said file path. 


I am aware it's possible to open a specific file with data card button (based on this article).

But this requires the file path to be specified in the button's command string.


When I replaced the file path in that code with my PDM variable, the command prompt popped up but nothing happened after.

Below is the code I used in the command string:

powershell.exe "$n='%MM_Data_Sheet%';$v=New-Object -COMObject ConisioLib.EdmVault;$v.LoginAuto('%2',0);$fo=$v.RootFolder;$f=$v.GetFileFromPath($n,$fo);$f.GetFileCopy(0);start-process $n"



Has anyone tried this before?


By the way, I'm using PDM Professional.