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Assymetric Chamfer with hold line

Discussion created by Michael Paul on Jan 11, 2021
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Am I missing the obvious?


I'd like to create a chamfer on an edge.  I want it assymetric.  but I want one of the distances to be defined by a hold line while the other is a numeric distance.  I do this when I want one edge of the chamfer to be flush to my surface, but because I deal with injection molded plastics, all my walls are drafted and my dimensions are very rarely "normal" decimals.  plus, if my draft angle or height of my rib feature change then the distance value is different and the edge will not be correct any more.


the first image is what I want.


the second I achieved by doing a Face Face chamfer, and picking the edge between my rib and the wall as my hold line.  the problem is it isn't assymetric.  


in order to achieve this I have just been creating my chamfer with a cut but it doing it this way can possibly create problems later if if features change or are added.  I believe in Creo I could define a distance for one leg and an edge for the other but I can't seem to find that option in SW.


can this be done?  am I just not seeing the option right in front of me?