Aleksandr Matuzov

File stuck in automatic transition workflow

Discussion created by Aleksandr Matuzov on Jan 11, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2021 by Wayne Marshall

Hello guys could somebody provide information: Why automatic transition sticking on 10+  automatic jumps. I have the main workflow with the manager and other department user checks. From the main workflow, I have a manual transition to another workflow where I have 12 statements and multi-variant exits from this workflow. Each state used to check file name or data card attributes. If something filled wrong or the filename is not accepted this workflow should return the file. It works fine when there were only 9 states but now when I sending a file it stuck in a state with the name in the example: "Automatic check 8". But after it stuck I can right-click and change state using the same automatic transition. Also sometimes some files keep moving straight to the end without stuck. Sometimes when the file goes to the third workflow the file stuck in it. So how can I solve this problem? Does somebody have the same experience?