Daniel Sevier

Commands with Mutual Parent-Child Updates?

Discussion created by Daniel Sevier on Jan 9, 2021

I am trying to understand the best process for modeling that allows for both "parent" changes that update the "child(ren)" and vice-versa. In this example, I used the SPLIT command, which seems to only allow "parent" changes to filter down to the "child(ren)."


I've created a simple example here. I did this all within one part file. (I understand that this could have been done with an assembly file as well, but I am more interested in the parent-child mutual updating.)


I've created a shelled-out cube with filleted corners and then used the split command to detach 2 sides. I've saved out the left & right sides and the middle section to their own individual part files, using the Split command. I've found that If I make changes in the "parent" file, this leads to the changes updating in the "child" files.

**However, when I cut a hole in the left side in its own file, this did not filter back to the parent, even with rebuilding...



Middle Section split off in own file:


Right Side split off in own file:


Left side split off in own file (with extruded cut hole added later):


Other than Split, I think I probably could have done this using the Intersect command, but still without the desired mutual parent-child updates that I'm looking for.


Does anyone have any tips on where I'm going wrong here?  (SW files attached).