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If this then that dimensioning where driven dimension picks from a list.

Question asked by Erica Stringer on Jan 8, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2021 by Frederick Law

I have two pieces of pipe that need to fit inside each other. The size of the internal pipe varies job to job. I want to be able to choose the size of the internal pipe and have the external pipe automatically change to the pipe size that would fit around it the best.


Say the internal pipe is 6" sch 10 (6.625" OD x .109" thick). The pipe that offers the snuggest fit (that we offer) would be 8" sch 40 (8.625" od x .322" thick.). I want to tell Solidworks that the internal pipe is 6" and have it automatically select the next pipe size with an ID closest to 6.625".


I'm using Solidworks 2018. Is there an existing function within Solidworks that would do this?