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How do I add tabs or edge flanges on curved sheet metal part?

Question asked by 1-3GZEAP on Jun 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2009 by 1-3GZEAP
I have ran into this problem a couple times and can't find a good solution. I have a curved sheet metal part with a series of mounting tabs on two curved edges. One end of the part also has a joggle bend.

On previous parts, I ended up making the flat pattern for the joggle bends and the large radius curves in Solidworks as a sheet metal part and then manually adding the tabs to the flat pattern.

We form the tabs and joggle bend in the pressbrake. The material is just pushed into place around the contour of some other parts and secured w/ mounting hardware.

Can someone help figure out how to make this configuration in a sheetmetal part? An example is attached.