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Has anyone gotten electrical routing to work?

Question asked by Ken Lux on Jun 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2009 by David Paulson
I've spent weeks trying every combination of places for my C-points, number of C-points per connector, manually defining wires, using from-to lists, but my route subassembly gets huge (>25MB) and it takes forever to edit the route (10-30 seconds per change in spline properties).

Additionally, SolidWorks crashes, says it cannot flatten the route, magically deletes connectors from the routs, moves fully-defined connectors around, and can't find from/to components in the route subassembly.

When I do get lucky enough for a route to flatten, wires and pinouts are missing (connectors all by themselves on the drawing).

Has anyone been able to make a moderatley complex harness and get it to flatten without crashing solidoworks and have a flattened route that is correct?

BTW, the harness I want to make has 65 wires, 13 connectors and 26 wires that attach to screw terminals on PCBs. I am using SW 2009 SP 3.0