Aspasia Papazi

Serial Drawing Number on drawing template

Discussion created by Aspasia Papazi on Jan 7, 2021

Helo there,


I have been trying to set up our company's PDM and drawing templates. I would like to have a drawing serial number for each drawing we create and have it shown on the title block on our template. 

I have set the serial number in the administration tool and have set it on the Drawing Data card like this. 


Afterwards, I tried to set it up on the title Block of our drawing template. The number of the first drawing I created while setting this up is always displayed on the title block as a default value. It changes to the actual number as soon as I check in the drawing but it brings up great confusion while having it there at first. 


The number is also written on on the drawing card as soon as the document is saved. 

The serial number is working ok, because I can get the right number after check in and I get the right number on avirtual drawing document .


Do you have any suggestion on how to deal with the drawing number on the title block?

Thank you in advance!#