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derived configuration for cost of parts

Question asked by Shawndra Products on Jan 7, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2021 by Shawndra Products

I have a part that we purchase. Then we modify that part in several different configurations. Say add a 2" hole is one variation.


My question: Do I create the part (parent) then make a derived config or a standard config. to capture the costs associated with our machining of the 2" hole.

BOM will need to show only top parent part number we purchase. Do not want an imbedded BOM. The config/derived part would be shown (selected) but the parent part number is in the BOM. What type configuration allows for the machining cost that we would do inhouse?

If I do a standard config does it tie the costs into the parent to show the purchase price and the machining or is that done through a derived part? I have some parts that have 50 different configs of the parent purchased part so each part would need 50 configs or derived configs to show each option.


Any help here?