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Toggle Dimension Text Below Leader / Self Documenting Sketches

Question asked by Scott Choroba on Jan 6, 2021

Hello and thank you ahead for any constructive ideas. I am making some model templates for assemblies where I want to document the standard clearances and sizes in the driving sketches (using top down method). The sketches control location and clearances of several parts that have in place mates. Most clearances are standard, but as these are templates, the standard will be deviated from in different parts at different times. I would love to "self document" the original value in the dimension text, but be able to toggle it on and off as one can do with dimension names. This is in the effort of keeping the sketch more neat and tidy, instead of the image of thousands of ants running rampant when the sketch is zoomed out. I Have not found much use for the annotations/notes in the sketches as no one ever notices the darn things. Thank you again!